for Private Tours

Please check the guide fee for your tour before you make a booking.

The rate for your tour will be determined by the conditions such as ages and number of participants, options, duration, etc. If you cannot find your rate on this page, please feel free to contact us by Inquiry Form in 【FAQ】 page.

Price by age

*Hourly rate is depending on the number of participants.

Basic rate (for solo traveler) US$35 / hour
Additional adult (13 years old ~) US$10 / hour
Additional child A (7-12 years old) US$5 / hour
Additional child B (0-6 years old) US$0 / hour

Guide fee for private tours (Guide fee + Meet-up in Tokyo area)

*In case that all the participants are adults.
*Guide fee is not including transportation fee, entrance fee, lunch, etc

Number of
4 hours 6 hours
1 US$140.00 US$210.00
2 US$180.00 US$270.00
3 US$220.00 US$330.00
4 US$260.00 US$390.00
5 US$300.00 US$450.00
6 US$340.00 US$510.00
7 US$380.00 US$570.00
8 US$420.00 US$630.00
9 or more Please contact
Office Zipang.
Number of Participants 8 hours 10 hours
1 US$280.00 US$350.00
2 US$360.00 US$450.00
3 US$440.00 US$550.00
4 US$520.00 US$650.00
5 US$600.00 US$750.00
6 US$680.00 US$850.00
7 US$760.00 US$950.00
8 US$840.00 US$1,050.00
9 or more Please contact
Office Zipang.

e.g. (US$35 + US$10 × 1 + US$5 × 2 + US$0 × 1) × 6hours = US$330

Options : Tour by a private van is available by the following additional cost.

*Office Zipang can arrange a private van for the tour. Please pay the fare in Japanese Yen on the tour day.

4 hour tour in Tokyo Approximately US$300
6 hour tour in Tokyo Approximately US$450
8 hour tour in Tokyo Approximately US$600
8 hour tour to Kamakura Approximately US$650
10 hour tour to Mt.Fuji Area Approximately US$750
10 hour tour to Hakone Approximately US$750
10 hour tour to Nikko Approximately US$800
In case of 9 people or more Minibus would be available.
For details, please contact Office Zipang.


Customized tour [ 2 ~ 14 days ] : Guide fee only

Office Zipang will prepare the itinerary based on your request.

Number of
per day (8 hours)
1 – 4 US$400.00
5 US$450.00
6 US$500.00
7 US$550.00
8 US$600.00
9 US$650.00
10 US$700.00
11 or more Please contact Office Zipang.

Payment Method

Please make a payment by credit card via PayPal.

PayPal(ペイパル)|Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB

Consumption tax

All the prices are including consumption tax.