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  3. Shichirigawa Onsen, natural hot spring and special meal at irori fireplace

Shichirigawa Onsen, natural hot spring and special meal at irori fireplace

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Open air natural hot spring

Do you like hot springs? Since there are many good ones in each area, you can enjoy various hot springs during your stay in Japan. This is one of such hot springs. It is a natural alkali surfur hot spring at Shichirigawa Onsen Inn in Chiba. There are several open air baths and indoor baths in this inn. We can enjoy them either staying there or day use. Actually many people are visiting this hot spring for day use.

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Nomizo Falls

Breakfast at irori fireplace

Another uniqueness of this inn is serving irori meal. Do you know irori? It is a traditional fireplace where we can cook and warm our bodies. In Shichirigawa Onsen Inn, we can have every meal at irori. We can also bring any favorable ingredients to irori if you pay a small charcoal fee. There are fresh fish markets and vegitable markets nearby. It takes 90-120 minutes either from Narita or Tokyo by car, you can visit there on a day trip.

Awamata Falls in Yorokeikoku (Yoro Valley)

There is a beautiful valley named  Yorokeikoku (Yoro Valley) near Shichirigawa Onsen Inn. It takes just 10-15 minutes from Shichireigawa Onsen Inn. I recommend you to visit this valley when you visit Shichirigawa Onsen.

Footpath in Yorokeikoku (Yoro Valley)

There are footpaths in Yorokeikoku (Yoro Valley). You can enjoy Walking along the river.

One more special spot to visit is Nomizo Falls. There is a unique tunnel for the river.  It was made approximately 350 years ago for agricultural use. It is located approximately 30 minute distance from Shichirigawa Onsen by car. There are quite attractive places, right? If you are interested in visiting there, I will provide you with further information! Enjoy your trip in Japan!